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I had a dream. Don't the big stories always start that way. Where do I start? It was an idea and sometimes the time just comes and you see this possibility you've always dreamed of. This was definitely my dream. To travel once around the whole world (ATW). Discovering new things, meeting friends and taking time. The time that we sometimes lack because we don't perceive it and just ignore it. It's time to remember and just go with the flow. This is my story - from planning to the start. 





How do you plan to have 2 months off and still have a job?


I was very surprised when I talked to my boss and wanted 2 months unpaid leave. He said it was a good idea to see other things and supported me in my project. Not only that - but to keep me in social security and pension insurance - I get half a salary every month from September until December. I like that deal.


But the important point is - just try and ask your company - sometimes we get in the way of ourselves trying to push this question because we are afraid of getting an answer that we don't want to hear.


But no risk - no change. I am glad that I went the straight way.


The adventure can start. November and December are the target and my free me-time.

Now it goes to planning




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