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Before it starts - I ask myself the question - what do you really pack to make such a journey. Of course it is important which climate zones are on the way. Stockholm, NYC and Japan can get a bit cooler but the rest of the climate zones look pretty good. 
One weekend before the trip I did the test packing. „Old Swede“ like we say, what do I really need and then it started. Of course much too much again - so back to the start and start again. 



Then think again and reduce, within a week I have put back every evening a part in the cupboard. Now it should be enough.

Another topic - what takes into the first-aid kit. I can always recommend to be prepared for headaches, colds, fever, then of course only plasters and damp cloths. This is then a relatively small bag but better so - than if you have nothing with you.

As an wellknown nerd, hand luggage is of course especially important and should be organized. So Passport, Kindle, Ipad - computer is really no longer necessary - with the Ipad Pro you can do everything super. Even maintain this website -  cables, pen, notebook to write,  few dollars for all cases, scarf for the plane, water bottle, headphones, skin care and deodorant.  So actually everything on this picture.


Thought of everything - I think so.

Passport is current and valid. Visas and Esta too - so you're ready to go.


I'm a bit excited already - but this is also part of it.


World I come. 



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