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Tokyo - Trip 2014


It is not easy to write about myself. I am just the guy next door. I grew up near Kassel and have been living in Frankfurt since 1998. I love this city and it has become my home.

To fall in love with Frankfurt a second, third or fourth view is necessary. It is a city that reveals its considerable advantages only if you want to get involved. The real character and personality become visible. Frankfurt does not submit to any dictation, it is smart and unrestrained. It has changed the last 20 years, getting beautiful every year and it is like a village with airport. In the summer you can easily take the bicycle to go from A to B but Frankfurt is never provincial.

I am a banker, and in recent years I have been developing more and more my passion for innovative payment. In 2016 I left the bank and started to explore a new path. The step was good because it opened up to me a new way of thinking. There is a lot of happening and the time change rapidly, this drives me on. It gives me all the opportunities to learn new things and to think different. Rest is a great strength of mine, but patience is not really my 2nd name. I can handle it and my friends too.

Besides the job I love traveling, exploring new countries and cultures. Reading a good book and meeting friends is important to me. In the last years, I have developed a great passion for cooking. I like to try new recipes, to cook simple and tried great dishes. My friends are always happy to join my cooking and love the cooking experiments.

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Here is Tom. Just a creative, food loving, traveling guy from Frankfurt. Lets rock the world.