The Trip


The advantage of a ticket around the world is that you can also change the plan. That's why I first created the base and can spontaneously adjust the flights and the time periods. 


But as an orientation aid it helps in any case. 




02.11.2019 Frankfurt/Main to New York

Departure time 11:05               Frankfurt/Main International (FRA)

Arrival time       13:15               Stockholm - Arlanda (ARN)

Departure time 12:25 +1          Stockholm - Arlanda (ARN)

Arrival time15:15 +1                 New York - Newark International, NJ (EWR)


09.11.2019 New York to Las Vegas

Departure time 18:00               New York - Newark International, NJ (EWR)

Arrival time       20:46               Las Vegas – McCarran International, NV (LAS)


12.11.2019 Las Vegas to San Francisco

Departure time 11:50               Las Vegas - McCarran International, NV (LAS)

Arrival time       13:28               San Francisco International, CA (SFO)


16.11.2019 San Francisco to Honolulu

Departure time 10:48               San Francisco International, CA (SFO)

Arrival time       14:30               Honolulu International (HNL)


21.11.2019 Honolulu to Tokyo

Departure time 13:20               Honolulu International (HNL)

Arrival time       17:35 +1          Tokio - Haneda (HND)


26.11.2019 Tokio to Denpasar-Bali

Departure time 08:50               Tokio - Haneda (HND)

Arrival time       15:25               Singapur - Changi International (SIN)

Departure time 16:20               Singapur - Changi International (SIN)

Arrival time       19:05               Denpasar-Bali (DPS)


03.12.2019 Denpasar-Bali to Taipeh

Departure time 16:30               Denpasar-Bali (DPS)

Arrival time       21:45Arrival      Taipeh - Taoyuan International (TPE)


09.12.2019 Taipeh to Bangkok

Departure time 13:55               Taipeh - Taoyuan International (TPE)

Arrival time       16:50               Bangkok International (BKK)


26.12.2019 Bangkok to Frankfurt/Main

Departure time 13:45               Bangkok International (BKK)

Arrival time       19:15               Wien International (VIE)

Departure time 20:10               Wien International (VIE)

Arrival time       21:40               Frankfurt/Main International (FRA)



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