Viva Las Vegas


Hi Folks. 

Today directly from the Limpio Laundry in Napa - yep - no lounge, no airport and also no luxury experience in a hotel lobby. 

Here comes the update to Las Vegas. 

I don't know - where to start at all. Las Vegas is Las Vegas. The city that makes you forget the ugliness of the day and night and where illusion is reality. After three nights I am full of impressions and have the total overflow of sounds, people, luxury and gaming experience - what a time. Here are a few impressions. 



Of course I have to admit that this is already very impressive and even if the city has only 650.000 inhabitants - there are at least millions of people on tour here - they celebrate and play all day long. 

What made me very thoughtful was the approach of the show Le Reve. Love and desire and the conflict of people to decide. Actually like the whole city. It opens its arms and surrounds you - it gives you the bubble in which you can live your dreams and as soon as you are outside again - reality is there.

Sometimes beautiful and sometimes hard. The question is natural, you like reality and I have to say, yes, of course. It's good to know that you can dive into dreams from time to time but it knows that it's not real. I think many people forget this. 


But even more great, if you can just enjoy it - this vicious and gamble for the dollar. One thing is clear - here is only one winner and this is the casino. My limit of 100 USD was quickly gambled away and then enjoyed a Gin Tonic as a bonus to me. But there are many people who already play at the slot machines in the morning and because it never gets dark -they spend whole days there. Is this an American dream and I just don't fully understand it or do I have the distance to smile and wonder?

I do not condemn this in any case and this would also be wrong. I find myself sometimes in conflict and have an angel and devil sitting on my shoulder, giving me advice. The devil wins sometimes but the angel is usually the clear winner. That's why I know that I have to decide between love and desire - but best both in a combination. But this is rare, too. 

 Slowly I have to think about a washing machine and therefore wemt to a classic llaunderette in USA. Already a cool insight and here is the reality. 

Thanks for that and cheers to you all. 


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