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The first week has passed and how am I? A good question. I am sitting in the plane to Las Vegas and so many thoughts are going through my head. Should I write it - does someone actually read what I write? Oh - yes. I think so. 

New York was a good start and it was a different visit than the last time. First of all I would like to thank my friends Andy and Jakub. The first days I was guest in their beautiful home and I can tell you, it gave me so much warmth and relaxation. True friends can always be recognized by the fact that even if you rarely see each other, you start again directly at the last time you meet and it is as if you only saw each other yesterday. Thank you for the time together. 



Waking up in the morning and the sun shining through the window and the birds jumping up and down in the tree at the window - gives so much rest and immediately conjures a smile on the face. Good morning world. I also started meditating every morning again - a good start into the day - focused and positive. 




After these quiet days I went straight into the city. Hyatt Centric at Times Square was the goal and therefore exactly the opposite of calm. But a good hotel and the view from the 45th floor was very cool.


I love New York for the contrasts and that you always feel so comfortable. It's not unfamiliar, different nations and people come together and you can find a center for art of every kind here.

If you don't know, I am not only a good hobby chef (at least my friends say so) but I also love art. How can I describe it, it's not about the monetary approach of art, but about the love or thoughts an artist has put into his work. It is like a love that you find, that you hold on a canvas or in an object and that emotion or love manifests itself for others. There are pictures that I can look at for hours, that touch me, make me think and tell a story. A large part of the pictures that I like very much are hanging in New York and I wanted to take this mood with me. Which they are..... hmmm.... here for you. 



Did you know that you can see art at Christies in New York before the auctions ? Thanks Andy for this great idea. I was surprised what treasures you find there and the good thing is, you see art that goes from private collectors to maybe private collectors and then never sees again. I fell in love there, an extraordinary picture and now high on my hit list. A beautiful Gerhard Richter and very unusual when you look at his current pieces. From what I write - here we go: 


Unfortunately, out of my price range but beautiful to see. A wonderful afternoon and the next day I headed towards the Meatpacking District and on the way, if you walk through the area with open eyes - you also see one or other funny objects, which you can easily overlook. 




So keep your eyes away from the mobile and just take a look at the surroundings. Whitney Collection was the goal for the day. Here you shouldn't forget that of course the surroundings are also great and the art finds the right setting here. We went over the High Line (which is very nice in autumn), to the Chelsea Market and then to the Hudson Yard.



Have you ever been to Georgia? Me neither, but we were in a restaurant in the evening and this was so delicious - so if you have the chance - just try it. 


The MoMa was reopened and of course Friday is not the ideal day to visit the gallery  (it was so crowded) but when in New York - this is high on the list. What can I say who has never been there before - please - it's a must.


But there should be another highlight - Moulin Rouge the musical. I like the movie from 2001 very much and the musical is based on this movie. It was very entertaining, funny and the stage design was simply indescribably brilliant.



It was a great time in New York. Of course it was much too short again and I didn't meet all my friends, but there will be a reunion soon. 


Now it's Saturday, it's 21:04 NYC Time and I'm on a plane to Las Vegas. Full of beautiful impressions and when I think about the fact that I'm only one week away - I'm amazed - it all feels so far away. Switching off works when you can and of course you have to allow it. Which I certainly master very well - in the meantime. These lines as my update from New York - I'm happy about messages from you or comments - miss you very much.


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