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Bangkok or "A Rainy Day in New York" - wonderful adventures
Oh, man - where do I start. There is always an end and this is unfortunately also a definitive statement in our lives. I am sitting at 11.582 m above sea level and it is still 8:39 h to Vienna and then further to Frankfurt. So time to catch up the last weeks. After Taiwan - Thailand was on the schedule. To be honest, Thailand and Bangkok always came a little bit too short. I have no idea why, but my opinion is that in changing the perception - the surroundings of cities gain more glamour and interesting.



But maybe first to the current mood - I just saw the new Woody Allen film "A Rainy Day in New York". It's like my mood - in which there is comedy, drama and romance. I feel a bit like crying and the feeling of having left something and this makes me feel a bit melancholic. But also the respect for the new things in my life forces this feeling away and puts me in a positive mood for the new.

The last weeks are not blurred in my memory but are present in my memory every second. I thank the people I met, my friends for the great talks (even if it was sometimes critical and clear), the countless moments with new insights and simply the time - for me, my thoughts, my uncertainty and fear about the future. But above all the teaching to simply take one step after the other, because the universe has determined a path for me and I will take it. Seldom have I felt that I should be in the here and now and that I should not stop myself in the past or in the future.


At this point I also want to thank 3 women in my life. Sandra, who has always "kicked my ass" - to be as I am. Andrea - who has always stood by my side with good advice and open criticism and has often washed my head and Maria. A person who brings out the deepest feelings in me, holds the mirror up to me, finds clear words and can spend time with me together with tears and laughter over a mug of Cup Noodles. Thanks for everything.



Bangkok - the city of contrasts - the city of food stalls - actually the city of the Devas, great city and residence of the holy jewel Indra, impregnable city of the god, great capital of the world, adorned with nine precious gems, rich with enormous royal palaces, which resemble the heavenly home of the reborn god, city that was given by Indra and built by Vishvakarman or for us simply Bangkok.
Beside the luxury malls and silent skyscrapers in the city - there are the little streets (called soi), which are worth to stroll along, watching the people - how they buy their juice in the morning and fresh cut fruits at the street. The kitchens start to build up their stalls. In bags they offer their basic curry recipes for sale. This is also Bangkok and I must say I liked it very much - buying fresh cut fruit and drinking fresh coconut juice - it was nice to just wander these small streets in the morning before the city awakes, get a cold Thai coffee and just watch the hustle and bustle. It is an incredible experience - even though I got back into bed to get some sleep afterwards. But hey - the moment gave me a lot.



Bangkok has been developing on the culinary side for quite some time now - restaurants are reflecting on their local specialties and developing this even more. The result is a variety of flavours in an unlimited way, which makes you curious to discover.
Open your eyes for new impressions - is my advice for everyone who visits this city - dive into it, go on a discovery tour - let yourself be inspired and be open for the new.



On the other hand, the end of my 2 months was slowly approaching and with it time to catch up with my partner and enjoy the last days together. 3 hours from Bangkok is Hua Hin - the summer residence of the king and my absolute favourite spa in Asia. The Barai is a dream, a place where soul and body are in harmony. The days flew by.


 The last nights and Christmas we spent in Bangkok and I have to admit that Christmas in this warmth is a bit unusual - but it also brings a bit of lightness. A nice ending and a good start into the new and unknown.


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