What to pack?



I must honestly say - when it comes to packing - I have learned a lot over the last few years.


Especially to be a little reduced on the way. Then I asked myself the magic question - what do I need for 2 months?

Silence - reflection - eyes closed - through.


Let's start with the simple part - hand luggage.
The first step was to find the right backpack - not too big but still enough space to have everything you need for a spontaneous trip.

My choice fell on the Bellroy Classic Backpack Plus (https://bellroy.com) and i love  it and it feels so right. Check it out.


It has enough space, great access compartments, great material and looks stylish and does not look so bulky. I will post a picture with all the stuff, what will be going into the hand luggage.


But the challenge is the main baggage.


I could travel badly with wardrobe suitcases, certainly I would have liked to have packed my wardrobe but I have to get along with less and finally I can also wash sometimes.


Of course the choice fell on my tried and tested black Rimowa suitcase. Fast to roll, practical and very light.


It should be enough to cope with the different climates and styles and not to fall into the shabby look.


The decision was made - although not easy and there is not more luggage.


Well, maybe a foldable travel bag for all cases - in case I go shopping.

Which of course is never the case. 

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