Aloha Hawaii

I can't describe to you how wonderful the last few days have been. Yes - it's an endless journey to Hawaii but it's worth it. I fell in love - with nature, the peace, the people and above all the sound of the sea. I am still very dazed now and when I write these words I get some tears in my eyes. It was a farewell but not forever. 



2 special made me very impressed but also very thoughtful. It is the picture of the surfers paddling out to sea with their surfboards in the early morning and waiting for the perfect wave. You are not alone, but in a community with the other people out there and you wait until it starts. In the moment of waiting lies a great calm, you cannot force it, the sea has its own rules and it is like a meditation and certainly also a moment with yourself. I can't say if you start to philosophize about life or if you just absorb this moment, the warmth of the rising sun and the soft noise of the sea. A great moment and a great picture to see this. 


The 2nd moment was a picture in a gallery. Do you know the feeling when you see something and it speaks to you - it smiles at you from the wall and in that moment you feel the positive energy. It begins to rejoice and slowly a smile is conjured up on the face - that's what I had with this picture. It is from a famous photographer and on a trip he came to Nepal and the two children made the Namaste gesture for him. It is so moving and infinitely much love comes out of this picture. 




Well something not so philosophical from my side. The flight with United to Hawaii was my last flight with them and I must confess - I will never complain about Lufthansa again. Rarely something as bad and impersonal as with this airline - but this is history. In the evening the destination was reached - the island of Maui - more precisely Kahuli. Twilight had already set in and since the way to Hana is very winding and dark - it only continued the next day. On a website a nice motel was found - Pardon - it was called a hotel and what should I say, it was like a time travel or it could have been the motel of Psycho or a hotel corridor from Shining - but always keep calm and also the plastic orchids and the huge leather armchair in the room completed the picture – before I slowly fell asleep in Morpheus arms. 



The next morning started with the road to Hana after this trip I also knew why there were T-shirts with the inscription "I survived the Road to Hana". But I can only recommend it - it is a dreamlike ride with stops to waterfalls, 620 curves and incredibly beautiful landscapes. The green of the forests and the different kinds of flowers, trees and mosses are indescribably beautiful.  

After about 4 hours I arrived in Hana and the Ocean Bungalow waited there - if I had a wish - I would spend weeks there. There was no TV and this was great. You wake up with the sound of the ocean and accompanies you every hour. Meditating on the terrace and the sun warms you up slowly is a great gift every day. 




Unfortunately also the days in this paradise passed by - the 2nd part of the Road to Hana - actually rather the road away from Hana was even more a challenge - asphalt roads became gravel roads, potholes on the road became more and more bigger and the road became more and more single-lane. The road led to the steep coast and there in the rock it went steeply uphill and you could only hope that at that moment nobody comes towards you. What a ride.



The next stop was Waikiki and here was the full contrast program - skyscrapers, a room on the 37th floor but also a great hotel lounge with a free vending machine and especially only Californian wines - I would like to have something like that at home. 




In general, the last few days were just there again to buy the obligatory T-shirt. Oh - I haven't told you yet. As a reminder of this trip - I will buy a T-shirt from every station - yep - the suitcase is slowly getting full. But anyhow - there is still space.... In the second one. In general it was nice to feel the warmth again, to stroll on the beach, just to soak up the atmosphere and let the seen review pass. 



They were beautiful days and as I wrote above - I fell in love with the island, the nature, the people and maybe also simply with the serenity of the people to enjoy life. 



Now I am sitting in the plane to Tokyo - with ANA and the friendliness of the Japanese slowly preparing me for the next days. It's still an hour before the landing and then the adventure begins - if I understand the subway plan and I also reach my destination. You will experience it - kiss from the clouds.



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