My Plan




Did I have a plan?

When I was dealing with the project, many thoughts went through my mind. At first it was quite confusing, but with time a clear plan emerged. 


What is the goal?
Getting your head clear and other perspectives


What do I want to achieve?
I just want to switch off and come down. Visiting friends around the world and just not making a plan and living the day and letting myself drift. Spontaneously, without any guidelines and without obligations.


How can I do it?
First plan and book a basic route. Determine the budget and fix a few key points. Involve and coordinate friends and family. 


What do I want to find?
Calmness, peace, gaining new experiences, meeting friends, visiting new places, meditating, learning yoga, finding new food ideas and discovering culinary experiences.


Unfortunately it doesn't always work without a plan, but that's what I'm known for, but my plan is finished and when I have learned one thing :

today's plan will be outdated tomorrow.


So don't talk, just do it!




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