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Tokyo. Where do I start? Meanwhile I'm heading for my half-time and I'm getting very used to the feeling of just being free. Free without mails, appointments and unnecessary gossip. 


This is my second visit to Japan and this time again I meet good friends. Already the flight from the USA with ANA was a substantial improvement and the people are nicer, friendlier and more polite. During the landing it was already raining cats and dogs and so I decided not to take the subway in the rush hour with my suitcase, but just to take a taxi. Driving a taxi in Japan is an experience, you don't open the door and don't close it, it happens automatically and if you want to help the taxi driver get out because of rain - he points to the canopy of the hotel and have to wait there - he lifts the suitcase out of the trunk - brings it to the canopy and bows.

Somehow, nowhere else in the world has that happened. A wonderful feeling - a great service that you like to pay for. Generally I have to say that this was the case everywhere in Tokyo, the people are very friendly and it is never loud and always pleasant. Yes - clearly a few words of Japanese will help, but the basics should already be learned. Or?  


For every first visitor I can highly recommend the Edo-Tokio Museum. It gives a good insight in a visual way and even after my second visit there - I am still amazed. 




There are 2 essential things that always fascinate me here. The above mentioned

 politeness and service and this incredible love for the presentation and preparation of food. Even in small restaurants the quality of the food is simply brilliant. This time it should not go to a great restaurant, but rather the normal price range. But also here there is Wagyu beef with fantastic taste and tuna in all variants. The company of friends is always a perfect evening to enjoy some good food, beer and gossip. The pictures speak for themselves and of course we also did a lot and walked around  the city - which has always been a few kilometres on foot. 




The Foodhall at Mitsukoshi alone is worth a visit - the Japanese even master the art of making cakes and tarts better than the French. Already during the lines the water runs in my mouth and I am hungry again. 


So if you haven't been there yet - then go. Tokyo and Japan in general is worth a trip and a great adventure - next year even better - there is Olympia in Tokio. 


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